360 Tour Tips

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The tour can be viewed via Virtual Reality Goggles.

For best viewing experice The Tour should be viewed full screen.

SAINT LUCIA 360 Virtual Tour! A colourful tapestry of British, French, and African history, vibrant cultural diversity, lush vegetation and rainforest, sandy beaches, world heritage sites, amazing dive expanses and coral reefs as warm friendly people abound. These are just some of what makes the allure to the beauty that is the 238 square mile island called Saint Lucia, so amazing and inspiring. Are you longing to be there or simply wanting to learn more? Then join us for a virtual tour, the first of its kind, with “Saint Lucia 360.” Let us be your eyes and ears and stimulate your senses to the irresistible magic that is Saint Lucia. Come, traverse the city, our towns, our villages, historical sites, places of interest, places to dine, vacation, do business and so much more. Saint Lucia 360 allows visitors to take a self-guided tour that puts viewers right in the middle of all that is Saint Lucia, with a sequence of videos, still images and other multimedia elements including music, text, and narration with informative and historical facts. This virtual tour is ideal for potential visitors, tour operators, students, researchers, or anyone who simply wants to fall in love with Saint Lucia again and again! So go ahead and allow us to open your imagination as you begin to experience for yourself the enchantment that is Saint Lucia with Saint Lucia 360! (This tour works on all common devices, browsers, and operating systems using a desktop computer or mobile device including smart-phones, laptops and tablets).