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About the Creator

Ronald Raoul creator and founder of SLU360 was born in Castries Saint Lucia on January 22nd 1976. His fascination with drones peaked when he purchased his very first drone in July of 2018 and went on to record his first ever flight over the city of Castries.

This soon became more than just a hobby as he would go on to capture the island from angles and vantage points accessible only via long grueling drone flights, which included the first ever round trip flight from the Tet Paul viewing platform to the summit of Petit Piton, then the summit of Gros Piton and back to land safely at Tet Paul.

Ronald would constantly share images and videos of fair Helen which were very well received by visitors and locals alike on social media.

From this passion and love for his homeland and drone photography and videography, Saint Lucia 360 was created. The project started in 2018 and has grown into a complete virtual and interactive tour of Fair Helen. The tour is not only visually appealing, it brings to viewers what is truly Saint Lucia, beauty, history and the most charming people.


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